My name is Barb Parcells and I am a writer. I knew from the age of 5 that being a writer was what I wanted to be when I grew up. I could think of no better thing to do in this world than to create magic with words, and to share those words with the world.

Even though I spent most of my adult life working in other areas and raising a family, I never lost my love for writing and found ways to keep my hand in by working in public relations, marketing and the world of non-profits. As I approached the time where the word “retirement” was rearing it’s head, I decided to write myself a whole new life, finally living the life I was born to live … as a writer.

At the age of 63 I created a blog! I combined my love of gardening, my love of writing, and my desire to help change the cultural beliefs surrounding aging in this country, and created: “Flower Bear’s Garden: Growing A Life.” It has been running for five years now, and has “grown” in more ways than one. When I turned 65, I released an ebook of my favorite Flower Bear posts called: “Staying Rooted: Learning and Growing Through The Seasons of Our Lies,” and a year later, published the first in my Third Age Trilogy: “Song Of An Extraordinary Life: Creating A New Soundtrack For Our Third Age.” The following year, the second book in the trilogy, “Second Chances: Lessons In Wisdom From A Life Well Lived,” was released. The third and final volume: “Song Of an Ordinary Life: What If Being Happy Is Enough?” will be out early next year.

I created the term “Third Age” to describe that time in our lives when we are moving into our senior years, after our childhoods (our first age), and our adulthoods (second age) have passed. Here we are with jobs done, kids out of the nest, and years ahead to create something new, exciting and fulfilling. That’s why I created this website, to show others how to use writing as a tool to create just such an authentic and joy filled life. I thank you for stopping here with me. I hope you enjoy the journey!

And so it is!