Letting Our Lives Speak

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A few weeks ago I was approached at church by a wonderful lady from my women’s circle. She is our resident social justice advocate and she was collecting signatures for a petition to stop cuts in funding to our local library. She is active in more causes than I can keep track of, from climate change and women’s issues, to clean water and local libraries. She is a shinning example of how we affect others when we let our lives speak. So it was a big surprise when she sat down next to me and said:

“I’ve been meaning to tell you how much you’ve inspired me by sharing how you’ve downsized your home and your life, and embraced a simpler life. I’ve made the commitment to do the same and have already put a big dent in all the stuff in my house.”

Me? Inspired her? This woman who rallies me every time I see her or read her monthly newsletter articles? I was not only awestruck but deeply moved.

We have no idea how far our ripples reach when we live an authentic life for all the world to see. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a big announcement with lots of fanfare. More often than not it comes from someone who watches and listens to what we say and do, maybe just a chance comment or response during a conversation with someone. Even an innocent comment on Facebook can spark someone to think about making changes in their own lives. It never ceases to amaze me to realize how far my own ripple has traveled when someone will say something like: “I used your example and it worked for me, ” or, “I didn’t think I could do it but you convinced me to try.” My favorite one was when someone said to me recently, “You’re my hero.” Wow! All I’ve done is make the decision to create an authentic life and live it the best that I can. Can you imagine what the world would look like if we all did that?

Create your authentic life and let it speak to others by living it out loud. Then sit back and watch the ripples go out into the world!

This week on the Home Page our writing assignment is asking you to let your life speak. As always, have fun with it and remember to always keep writing.

Peace and blessings.


5 thoughts on “Letting Our Lives Speak

  1. It’s heartwarming to read that a lady who inspired you found inspiration in your actions, Barb. It’s true, our actions and words often impact others without our intending to. Better to show up as our authentic selves because ultimately that is what people see.

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