And So It Goes …

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Twas the day after Christmas, and all through the house … What? For some folks, the day after Christmas is a time to relax, to kick back and let go of all the frenzy leading up to the holidays. It’s a time to enjoy our gifts, take advantage of leftovers, and watch the kids play with their new toys.

For others, those that consider “relax” a bad word, they are already dragging out the boxes to put the decorations in when they start tearing everything down, and pulling all the presents out from under the tree to put them away “where they belong.” The leftovers are wrapped up, labeled, and stored in the frig and freezer. After that, instead of sitting down and taking five, they pull out the list maker and start on preparations for New Year’s. It’s one thing to be on top of things and organized, but, seriously, some people need to be introduced to the word “vacation!”

I like to enjoy the peace and quiet of the day after Christmas. I inevitably receive a new coffee mug, a new teddy bear for my collection (or two), some good stuff to eat (am I the only one that loves fruitcake?), and maybe a new movie or two (the collectors edition of “Gone With The Wind!). I stay in my reindeer pj’s all day, with my super-warm red and green fuzzy socks keeping my toes happy, and spend some time journaling, sharing all of the memories and epiphanies that were gifted to me this year along with the new bathrobe and set of pots. I relish the fact that I do not have a regular job that I have to go back to while I am sill stuffed with Christmas cheer and some excellent vegan lasagna (thank you to my youngest daughter for her hard work on behalf of her strange, non-meat-or-dairy-eating mother). I also take the time to ask myself a few questions. These questions are designed to put the year that is quickly coming to a close in perspective, and a chance to go deep into my heart to see what is still waiting to be born. They come with no guilt attached over what I did not get done, and faith that what is still to be will come when it is meant to.

So I invite you to put on your warmest, comfy pj’s, make a cup of hot cocoa, and pull out a journal. Yep, your writing assignment for this final week of 2018, located over on the Home Page, is designed to close out the year with love, and look forward to the new one in faith of things not yet seen. As always, have fun with this and remember to just keep writing.

It has been my honor to share this writing year with you all. I hope that sharing my thoughts with you, and challenging you with the weekly assignments, has helped you in some small way to create the authentic life you deserve, or at least put you on the right path. Always remember that if you can think it, and believe it, and put it down on paper, you can make it happen. Happy New Year!

Peace and blessings.


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