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“I believe in parables. I navigate life using stories where I find them, and I hold tight to the ones that tell me new kinds of truth.”

Barbara Kingsolver, “Small Wonders”

Everybody has a story. Actually, we have lots of stories. We have stories of triumph, stories of failure, stories of dreams realized and dreams dashed. We have stories of our own knights in shining armor, and stories about how those knights fell off their white horses big time. We have stories that illustrate a point, that plant seeds of imagination, and that move people to action. Stories are the food of life.

People have been using stories as teaching tools since the beginning of time. Before the written word was invented, elders told stories to the next generation about their history, their exploits, and parables that taught them about right from wrong. To this day, we use stories to drive home our point of view or give examples of what does or doesn’t work. Stories are the seeds of dreams to come.

Some years ago while working in an office setting, as part of a team building exercise, we were each asked to write down what we liked best about each of our co-workers. My list contained some very nice comments about my being kind and caring, and having a good sense of humor, but most of them all commented on the fact that I was a storyteller:

Barb has a story to illustrate everything. She is a walking wisdom keeper. I learn something new every day from her. 

We never know how far our ripple goes out into the world. Yes, I was the oldest one working in that particular office so, yes, I had a lot more “real world” experience than most of the younger women there (and being a writer at heart, I could never miss a chance to test my storytelling skills). However, it wasn’t just about telling a story as much as how I told the story … was I the victim or the victorious heroine?

We are the authors of our own stories. We can choose to write an adventure story or a horror story. We can be the villain or the hero. We can choose to tell the truth, and the lessons we learned from that – good or bad – or we can tell a fairy tale. Personally, I would rather be authentic and honest when I tell a story even if it doesn’t put me in the best light. Hey, we’re all human, we all make choices we wish we hadn’t. The great thing about telling our stories is that we all learn something for the next time we are faced with that particular type of challenge. We are all still writing our stories, and we get to choose our “happily ever after” endings.

So, I ask you now, what kind of storyteller are you, and what kind of ending are your planning to write?

Our assignment for this week over on the Home Page is going to ask you to put on your storyteller hat and tell a story that only you can tell. As always, have fun with this and remember to just keep writing.

Peace and blessings.


8 thoughts on “Tell Me A Story

  1. I am an authentic storyteller. I enjoy sharing my lesson learned from my experience as it may help someone else. I teach creative writing to seniors and feel honored to hear their stories and wisdom. We all have a story to tell. Great post, Barb!

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  2. We all have stories, we can use our imagination or our real life inspiration. I love inspiring others through my writings. I love giving knowledge. I love how we share who we are in different ways. I finally wrote my story last month. It took me one week to write and it just flowed for me like I didn’t even expect. I want to leave something for this world. I want to share who I am. It gets scary sometimes being so vulnerable sharing so much of yourself, for me anyway, but I feel it’s important to step out of our comfort zones to be who we truly are and add something to this world. Sooner or later my story will be out there in a book and I’m looking forward to where that leads me. Thank you for always encouraging people to write.

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  3. I giggled when I read that your co-workers described you as a storyteller, and thought, “Of course they it!” You have a natural gift to tell the story in your voice in the way you wish to share it. And, Barb, I agree with you – we all have a story to share. Thanks for sharing yours with us.

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  4. I always loved to write and had a very active imagination, my stories are part my truth and a sharing of my life, triumphs and challenges and part inspiration for myself and others, maybe not truth yet but a story that will lead me to a higher truth.

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  5. Appreciated, “The great thing about telling our stories is that we all learn something for the next time we are faced with that particular type of challenge. We are all still writing our stories, and we get to choose our “happily ever after” endings.”
    I am a fearless storyteller –writing a book right now using the Hero’s Journey as the template, and learning so much about myself, others, and the writing process.
    I am also a teacher of storytellers and inspire women to share them every month in my Divine Dialogue Writing Circle, now celebrating Season 13.

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