Listening to the Experts

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Wisdom tells me I am nothing. Love tells me I am everything. And between the two my life flows.”

― Nisargadatta Maharaj


In this age of self-help gurus and transformational teachers, it may be overwhelming at times to know who to listen to. We are told repeatedly to: “find your passion,” or, “find your purpose,” until our purpose thus becomes trying to find our purpose.


After spending years reading all the books, going to the workshops, and listening to podcasts until I thought my ears would bleed, I stopped one day to just sit quietly in meditation, hoping the stillness and silence would wipe out the cacophony of words and advice, when I heard, quite distinctly, Louise Hay’s voice saying: “I follow my inner ding.”  I remembered the first time I’d heard her say that. It was while watching the video version of her book: “You Can Heal Your Life.” She described her “inner ding” as that little twinge in the pit of your stomach that tells you you’re on the right path.


Not too long after that I was watching one of Wayne Dyer’s PBS specials when he shared the quote from Nisargadatta Marahaj that I used above. That was when it all clicked for me, when all the pieces fell into place:

Listen to love.”

Asking ourselves “what would love do?” will always lead us in the right direction regardless of whether other people agree with your choice or not. They are free to listen to their own hearts, and follow their own paths. When you are in the process of creating your own authentic life, you can’t get better, or more authentic, advice than to follow your own heart.


Twenty-six years ago I made the decision to uproot my entire life and move to a new home in another state with only what would fit in my car. My family and friends thought I was crazy, and my co-workers just shook their heads and advised against giving up a perfectly good job to head into the unknown with no new job waiting for me on the other end. What was actually waiting for me on the other end was freedom, authenticity, happiness, abundant creativity, and that feeling you get when you know you are finally home. I followed my inner ding, and it lead me to joy.


This week’s writing assignment is all about following our inner ding, whether you have done so in the past, or are contemplating doing it in the future. As always, have fun with this and remember to just keep writing.


Peace and blessings.


4 thoughts on “Listening to the Experts

  1. Barb, you’ve hit on exactly how I’ve been feeling lately. Internally, there’s been a battle going on between my inner ding and my purpose of finding my purpose. As always, the answer is in where my heart lies, a bit of music and dance, a smattering of nature, and prayer. Thank you for sharing your light.

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