An Invitation To The Feast

I was enjoying a cup of chai tea after having treated myself to some delicious Chinese veggie fried rice with steamed vegetables when I finally opened up my fortune cookie. This is what it said:

“The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get less than you settled for.”

For some people, the biggest block they have to creating and living the authentic life they dream of is believing that they don’t deserve it. They look at all the mistakes and bad decisions they made in the past, they look at how dismal their life is now. and they replay in their minds the tapes of all the criticisms and judgements poured on them by those around them. How can they dare to want, and even worse, manifest, the authentic life they dream of when they are so undeserving of it. It’s like coming to a banquet and settling for the crumbs that are dropped from the table by others. Life coach and author Cheryl Richardson even used that same analogy during a workshop she did with The Goddess of Affirmations, Louise Hay, based on their book, “You Can Create An Exceptional Life:”

There was a time in my life when I settled for crumbs. Then one day my therapist asked me why I was settling for crumbs when I could have the whole meal.”

So here and now, before we go any further in our quest for our authentic lives, let’s brush away those crumbs and clear the table:  your are worthy and all deserving of a life that you love. There is nothing you could have done, or could do, to be unworthy of that life. At the center of your being, call it soul, spirit, authentic self, or any other title you want to give it, is the one and only thing that matters – you are loved. I once heard a minister say in a sermon: “God doesn’t make junk.” When you look at the beauty of the natural world around you, and you understand that you are part of that creation, why would you think that you were any less deserving of a beautiful life than the birds, the bees, the trees, and everything else. Whether you call it God, Creator, Source or Fred, someone loved you enough to create you and put you out here in the world to love and share that love.

“But you don’t know what I’ve done. I’m a horrible person, the worst person on the face of the earth,” you might say. I hardly think so. We all make mistakes. We all have lapses in judgement. We all look for something or someone outside of ourselves to put the blame on for how unhappy we are. At some point we have to stop looking for blame and start looking for forgiveness, especially for ourselves. At no point did we come into this world with an agenda that said we would grow up to be the most horrible person on the planet. By forgiving ourselves and claiming the life we were meant to live, we fulfill the purpose for which we were put here – to love and be loved. That’s all, that’s it, no strings attached or conditions to be met. Just that, and that’s more than crumbs, that’s the whole meal.

This week over on the Home Page, our assignment for this week is going to invite you to the banquet, and you get to choose the kind of meal you are going to have. I’m not going to ask you to have fun with this one as I suspect that for many of you it will be more like a meal of cleansing. What I do wish for you is that you come away from this nourished, fulfilled and open to all the joy and goodness that you deserve. And remember, always, keep writing.

Peace and blessings.


6 thoughts on “An Invitation To The Feast

  1. Hi Barb, Such a thoughtful and insightful post! I love the analogy of life as being a meal. I sure do want the feast! You raise some excellent points. I particularly connected with the need to look for forgiveness “especially in ourselves”. If we all realized and believed that our purpose is “to love and be loved” how much simpler would life be! Thanks for sharing your wisdom. Warmly, Pam

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  2. Another great post Barb. I am going for the whole meal now. As a giver, I used to give a lot but it was not balanced. Since, I did not know how to receive, I settled for little back from others (breadcrumbs). Today I see my worth and am wiser. I am bringing my whole plate to the table. Thanks for your post, Many Blessings, Lisa xx

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