Happiness is …

The subject for this week’s blog post and writing assignment is a shameless move on my part to announce and promote my new ebook just released on Amazon Kindle: “Gifts Of An Ordinary Life: What If Just Being Happy Is Enough?”  If I’m going to live an authentic life, it also has to be an honest one.

This new book is the final one in my Third Age Trilogy. The focus of the trilogy is on conscious aging, shattering old, outdated beliefs about what our senior years are supposed to be, and daring other Boomers and Elders to create new, challenging and creative lives for themselves. When it came time to write this last book in the series, it occurred to me that all the creativity in the world will not fill in the lines if we are not happy with ourselves inside and out. So I decided to conduct my own version of the Happiness Project, this one focusing on those years after retirement when I could no longer define myself by my job, my family or any other social measurement.

The subject of happiness has been the focus of countless books, blogs and studies over the last few years. It is as if the world is finally coming to the conclusion that all those things outside of ourselves that we have used to measure happiness in the past no longer work. We have come to realize that happiness is an inside job, something that we choose regardless of what others tell us is the culturally acceptable norm.

So what exactly is happiness? The dictionary tells us that happiness is : the quality or state of being happy; pleasure, good fortune, contentment, joy. What the dictionary doesn’t tell us is that we each define happiness in our own way, filtering it through our own experiences and choices. What brings me happiness may very well differ from what brings you happiness. The ingredients for my happy life may look very different from yours, yet we are each happy in our own way.

The real challenge to happiness is knowing that we deserve it. That is probably the most difficult hurdle to overcome. How did we become a species that believes the decision to be happy is selfish, or only for those who have passed some kind of special test? Happiness is our right, not just the pursuit of happiness, but happiness itself. Making the choice to be happy is a brave, honest, and authentic thing to choose.

So what do you think happiness is? What makes you happy? After all, an authentic life must also be a happy one in order to be truly authentic. If you guessed that these are the issues we’ll be tackling in our writing assignment on the Home Page this week, you would be right. So get ready to create your very own definition of what happiness looks like to you and remember, most of all, to have fun with it.

By the way, if you’d like to find out how my Happiness Project turned out, here is a link to my new ebook, available on Amazon (P.S. If you don’t have a Kindle, Amazon offers a free reading app to download Kindle books on your laptop, tablet or iPhone):

Gifts Of An Ordinary Life: What If Just Being Happy Is Enough? (Third Age Trilogy) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B079SKXYXF

Peace and blessings.


3 thoughts on “Happiness is …

  1. A beautiful post Barb and congratulations of your ebook! Being out in nature is something that brings me peace and great happiness! Also when I know that I have brought love and light into someones life this brings me happiness. ❤

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