Knowing When It’s Time To Wake Up

I just finished reading a wonderful and thought-provoking book by author and Life Coach Cheryl Richardson called, “Waking Up In Winter.” After years of writing New York Times Bestselling books on extreme self-care, and teaching those principles around the world, Richardson turns the tables on herself. In excerpts from her own journal, over a 5-month period from fall to spring, she uses the introspective days of winter to come to terms with the small voice inside that is getting louder and louder as she approaches her 55th birthday, telling her that her life is no longer working the way it is, and that change needs to happen.

While this is not uncommon in the lives of most people as they face what our culture rudely refers to as “middle age,” it can happen at almost any age. My own inner voice started shouting at me in my early 40’s, and then again in my 50’s. It finally became the true voice of my life in my 60’s as I cleared out what no longer served me like a box of old books I’d read and re-read over and over until the pages were worn. It was time to get rid of them and get some new ones, preferably ones with blank pages so I could write my own story. That was, in effect, what Richardson did as well. No longer content with the constant demands of workshops, deadlines and endless travel, spending far too much time alone in airports and hotel rooms, and longing for more time at home, with family, and with more time to write, she took her own advice and stopped that winter to really listen to what her soul was saying.

When was the last time you stopped long enough to hear what your soul was saying? When was the last time you were being called to “wake up?” Maybe your soul is trying to wake you up right now but you’re too busy or overwhelmed to listen? Regardless of what age you are, or where you are, perhaps it’s time to take all those old books of regrets and things that no longer feed you, and put them to the curb.

This week’s writing assignment on the Home Page is going to ask you to get still and quiet, and listen …. and then, of course, write. As always, have fun with this.

Peace and blessings.

P.S. I highly recommend Cheryl Richardson’s book, “Waking Up In Winter.” It is especially relevant to women who are being called to redefine their lives. Check it out!


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