The Big Picture

Last week we looked at the idea of making promises rather than resolutions to create lasting change in our lives. We broke it down to specific areas – like health, creativity, spirituality, etc. – to see where we needed to shift our beliefs and habits on our journey to create our authentic lives. Now I’m going to ask you to take all of those pieces and, like a puzzle, put them all together to reveal the big picture. What, exactly, does that look like?

Yes, I know, you’re thinking that I’m just having you go in circles. An authentic life IS the big picture. In a sense, you’re right. However, a healthier body, work that we love and that challenges us, our connection to the world and each other, are all part of what authentic looks like, and that picture is not only different for each person, but changes as we change. In other words, as we become healthier, stronger, more passionate about our work and feel that “something” that holds it all together, the authentic life that we first pictured shifts, and a new one, one that is more in focus and more in line with who we really are, becomes our new, big picture.

The first writing assignment of the new year, located on the Home Page, is going to ask you to go back to last week, take a look at those pieces you created, and put them together to reveal your new and improved big picture. As always, have fun with it and, most of all, keep writing.

Peace, blessings, and Happy New Year!



8 thoughts on “The Big Picture

  1. I always love your blogs Barb! For me this last year involved a lot of learning curves and growth and I’m ready to reinvent many aspects so they are more in line with where I am at now. Happy New Year to you Barb!

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  2. You are an inspiration, Barb. My word for 2018 is “Grace”, and my theme is to be open to receiving all the loving gifts of the Universe. With all the changes I’ve endured in 2017, my big picture can be whittled down to one question I ask myself multiple times throughout the day. It is, “Is this how I wish to feel in this moment?”

    Happy New Year! Many blessings to you and yours. ❤

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