Like The Lilies Of The Field

For the past 5 months we have been putting pen to paper to create our authentic lives. We have connected to what an authentic life feels like, created a peaceful, loving home environment to live that life in, and have identified many ways to make that authentic life become reality. However, I am here to say that all the planning and writing in the world will not produce that life if we don’t commit to accepting one very important idea: that we deserve it.

We are bombarded from the time we are little children with what I call the “Not Good Enough Syndrome.” We are never good enough to match up to what our culture tells us is perfection when in reality this perfection doesn’t really exist except in the minds of corporations that want you to buy their product or support their ideas. What happens is that eventually this atmosphere of “I’m not good enough, pretty enough, rich enough, etc.” ends up making our idea of perfection an impossible accomplishment. So we go through our lives convinced that the reason we don’t have the life we want is that we just don’t deserve it.

I am here to tell you that your authentic life IS the life you deserve. You deserve it as much as “the lilies of the field,” as the Bible told us. You are as deserving of a happy, authentic life as the birds in the trees and the fish in the ocean. Once you know and accept that, all the work we have been putting in to this finally becomes real to you.

I know that the usual response to this idea is: “Sure, but if you knew what I’ve done, or what I haven’t done, or what’s happened to me, you wouldn’t say that.” On the contrary, it’s because of all that I say it. That was your old life. This is a new day, and each moment in it is an opportunity to create the life we want. The point of power is always in the present moment. As soon as you step into it and accept the infinite possibilities that come with each and every present moment, your authentic life begins to unfold. If you don’t believe me, take at look at the lilies of the field, or the birds in the trees. None of them are worried about whether they match up to the others around them. They live in the present moment and live their authentic lives that way. So can you.

Over on the Home Page, this week’s writing assignment is going to help you to work on your deserve-ability levels. Give this one your full attention and commitment. The work we will be doing from here on will deepen your journey to authenticity.

Peace and blessing


5 thoughts on “Like The Lilies Of The Field

  1. We all deserve all the good in the world. And yet because of our early conditioning we internalized those feelings that we are not deserving. Thank you for leading us back to our birth right of feeling deserving of being loved, cared for and embracing goodness.

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