Clicking Those Ruby Slippers

Last week we began our journey to create an authentic life by identifying what our authentic life would feel like and using that as the starting point. This week we are going to find out what an authentic life “looks like,” and there is no better place to begin than the place we call home.

I’ve always believed that the most profound words ever uttered in a move were the ones spoken by Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz:

“There’s no place like home.”

Our home is our safe haven. It is our soft place to fall. It is the birthplace of our dreams and desires. It nourishes us. It sustains us. Most of all, it accepts us just as we are, wherever we are at any given moment.

How do you feel when you come home at the end of the day and open your door? Is it a feeling of welcome and love, or does it feel chaotic and unnerving? Is it uplifting or depressing? Is it open and light, or dark and cluttered? The energy in our homes has a direct connection to whether we are living an authentic life, or whether we are living just to maintain our homes. As the saying goes, do you own your stuff, or does your stuff own you?

I have done a great deal of downsizing over the last few years. I’ve written about this before, especially in book two of my Third Age Trilogy: “Second Chances: Lessons in Wisdom From A Life Well Lived.” (Available on Kindle through I decided that I only wanted those things around me that I loved, that made me happy, that added to my well-being, or that were directly connected to creating meaningful experiences. Two sets of china didn’t do that, nor did over 300 books, dozens of movies and CD’s, clothes that lived in my closets but not on me, enough lighthouses  to open a store … and I won’t even begin to talk about the teddy bear collection (you’ll have to read the book to find out what I did with that!). I did some research into the topic of downsizing, from reading books and blogs about minimalism, to watching videos and TV shows on tiny house living, to talking with other women over 60 who were ready to leave their old lives behind and create a new idea of what conscious aging looked like. While I haven’t succumbed to any extreme minimalist lifestyle, I now live in peaceful, blissful simplicity. It takes me very little time and effort to maintain my home and possessions. The time I save I can now use on creating experiences, creating work that I love, and spending more time with family and friends.

I’m not suggesting that everyone needs to downsize or become a minimalist, but your home should give you the same feeling that we discovered in our assignment for last week: Your home should feel as authentic as the authentic life you are creating. If it doesn’t feel that way, what can you do to begin creating your authentic home?You guessed it! This week’s assignment is going to ask you to do just that.  Hopefully, by the time we’re done, the foundation for our authentic lives will have gotten even stronger, and with a strong foundation, we can build something that will last a lifetime!

I’ll see you over on the home page for this week’s writing assignment. In the meantime, as always, have fun with this.

Peace and blessings.


6 thoughts on “Clicking Those Ruby Slippers

  1. Having relocated last year from NC to Texas, I know what you mean about having too much stuff. I’m embarrassed to say that we still can’t park even a single car in our two-car garage for all the stuff we are keeping “just in case.” Your description of simplicity is so enticing to me and it’s my work in progress. Thanks for the loving message! ❤

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  2. I remember living with a roommate who was so difficult for me! I dreaded coming home. That was a long, long time ago. Home is sacred for me and I’ve always made sure that my home has felt like and been my sanctuary.

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  3. I love what you wrote “Our home is our safe haven. It is our soft place to fall. It is the birthplace of our dreams and desires. It nourishes us. It sustains us. Most of all, it accepts us just as we are, wherever we are at any given moment.” It’s so true.
    I am very thankful my home is one of welcome and love. I feel it and so do others when they visit. 🙂

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  4. Perfect timing with this post. Downsizing and simplifying have been ongoing processes in our home since we relocated to an island in northeast FL. I just made another pass at the big bookshelf, which allowed me some lovely, useable space.

    Another part of simplifying for me? Having good quality tools. It’s probably a little strange to be so happy about my shiny, newly-installed, will-actually-get-the-dishes-really-clean.


  5. I wrote my blog this week on the power of letting go and am so inspired by the insight and wisdom you have shared about downsizing. My mother in law recently moved after 35 years and told me to be ruthless as I cleared clutter out of my life. She said not to keep anything just because I think I will need it in the future unless I really love it and it brings me joy. I have brought that intention into my recent clearing and it is very clarifying! Thank you for this inspiring blog.


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