Finding Our Way Out Of The Tunnel

I woke up this morning in what I call my Black Funk. There is usually no rhyme or reason to it that I can identify right away, although I realize there certainly must be one or else I would not wake up in this state. It feels like the dead of winter when it has been grey, dark and cold for ten days straight and you think you’ll never see the sun again. It’s like walking down a long, dark tunnel and you can see a pinpoint of light way off in the distance, but not matter how long you walk, you feel as if you’ll never get there. Perhaps it was something that someone said or did the day before that I failed to process and let go of on a conscious level that came back to torture me while I slept. Perhaps it is some situation I have to deal with that I put on the back burner while I was awake, but which my inner goblin (who I have named Gladys – she who looks like a Jim Henson creation in rags from the movie Labyrinth) has decided to push back on to the front burner to boil. Whatever the reason, I have come to understand that if I don’t take the bull by the horns and deal with it first thing, my entire day will be spent trying to find my way out of that tunnel. That’s where writing comes in.

I pull out a notebook and write a question across the top of the page: ” What’s up? What are you feeling?” After I write the response, which is usually something like: ” I feel hurt, disappointed, disillusioned and generally depressed.” Then I ask another question: “Why?” My first reaction is to blame the world, my family, my neighbors, the internet interruption that ruined my Netflix watching last night, anything and anyone but myself. Third question: “Really? Try again.” This one takes some time but eventually, after a few pages of ranting when I am starting to run out of steam, the real reason will surface which usually has to do with having my feelings hurt, or not having my needs met in some way. Once I get to that stage, the healing can begin. “How do you want to feel? What can you do, right now, to get moving in that direction?” Once I identify how I’d really like to feel, I will usually turn to a list of tried and true things I know will make me feel better, pick one, and have at it.

Today’s pick was a nice, long walk in the sunshine. I wasn’t even halfway down the block when a large, chubby robin hopped across my path. As soon as I got home, I logged on to my favorite website for messages from our spirit animals and looked up robin. This is what it said:

     “The correct path has been revealed to you. You know which direction to go. Just go and

      all will fall into place.”

It’s hard to argue with your spirit guides.

We all get stuck in a dark tunnel sometimes. Writing is one way to help us find our way out. Instead of sitting there racking our brains or blaming the entire Universe, pull out a notebook or pull up a blank screen and start asking questions. Sure, you’ll need to vent for a while (for me it’s at least 3 pages), but once you’ve gotten that out of your system, there is now room to fill it back up with light, love, joy and gratitude … the lights that will lead you out. Your true self, your inner Wise One, knows the answers that will guide you home. So the next time you wake up and want to pull the covers back over your head, pull out your notebook instead and write your way home.

Peace and blessings.

P.S. The assignment for this week over on the Home Page is a way to practice finding our way out of the tunnel before it happens. Have fun, and keep that hand writing!



4 thoughts on “Finding Our Way Out Of The Tunnel

  1. Hmmm… When I feel out of balance early in the day I usually get outside for some exercise and, like you, “bump into” a variety of birds or other critters. Just seeing them makes me happy but I really like your idea of looking up spirit animals and their messages. Thanks.


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