Claiming Your Power

July 8, 1978. I was in Washington, D.C. with over 100,000 other women, all of us dressed in white, all of us marching for passage of the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment). As we held hands and marched up the street to the Capitol, I felt a surge of power and confidence I had never felt before in my entire 30 years. I had taken ownership of my life. I had claimed my power. When I watched the March on Washington last month on TV, I felt that same surge come over me again and knew exactly what those women and men were feeling. They, too, had claimed their power.

Nearly everyone has a story of that one moment when they realized that they actually had power over their own lives. Some people can recall a moment in childhood or as a young adult when they were faced with a situation and, with sudden clarity, recognized that they had a choice, and with that choice they claimed their power. For other people, it took a personal crisis of some sort for this to happen. However it took place, if asked, they know without hesitation the exact moment when they knew that they were more powerful than they realized.

Alas, as the years go by, many of us forget that realization. The pressures of living, the reality of  work, family and economics, pull a veil over our memories so that the only things we see on our inner movie screens are the bills, the problems, the health issues, the kids, and so much more. Sometimes we need a way to pull that veil down and go back to seeing with clarity the truth of who we are.

Writing is the tool that can rip that veil away and let the light shine on who we really are and what we can do when we claim our power and take responsibility for our lives. When we sit down and write out our moment of enlightenment, and describe the feelings, sights and sounds that went with it, we re-charge our personal battery. We are armed with our truth, and the infinite possibilities and choices we are given each and every day. The sight of those words looking back at us on that page are the battery cables we plug into.

Plug in, my friends. Plug in.

Peace and blessings.


4 thoughts on “Claiming Your Power

  1. I’ve never marched, there was never such an opportunity in my life. I was too young to be in the Romanian revolution of 1989, and now I am not in Romania to participate in the protests there. But I am always impressed by the drive of the people who unite in an effort to make life better, to curb corruption, and so on. I guess I’ll never march anyway. I guess I should sit down and write when Enochlophobia kicked in.


  2. Empowerment and standing up for what you believe in are definitely important values of mine. I know this to be true because as I was reading your post I felt like I was going to cry (due to feeling inspired, not from feeling sadness). Thank you, Barb. xo


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