I Dare You!

Hanging over my desk is a saying by the marvelous writer, artist and inspirational teacher SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy). It says: “Dare to dream your writing life into existence.” Today I am taking a little liberty with her statement and moving a few words around for our benefit. What if it said: “Dare to write your dream life into existence!”

Sometimes when I lose sight of my dreams, when the drama of life as it unfolds around me, both on a local and on a world level, blur my vision and I can’t see my dreams any more, I pull out my journal or pull up a blank screen and start writing. I start with waking up in the morning and describe everything I see, smell and feel. I even describe the weather outside. I move through my entire day, room by room and activity by activity. I don’t spare the adjectives and I make sure to add all the things I’m feeling. Then I go back and read it all. Wow. The impact of those words and descriptions bring my dream life back into focus big time. I can smell the grass first thing in the morning when the dew is thick. I can hear the blue jay who has moved in nearby. I can feel the autumn coolness on my face.

Words have power. Use them to build with. Keep them where you can see them. Louise Hay is a firm believer in hanging up affirmations all over your home, car and workplace so you can have visual reminders of where your want your thoughts to go. I would add that hanging your “Dream Day” somewhere close by so that you can see it every day gives you a visual reminder of what you want to manifest. It helps on those days when you feel ready to quit. If that’s the last thing you see before you go to sleep, imagine the wonderful dreams you’re going to have!

Blessings and peace!

P.S. You can guess what the next assignment is going to be. I’ll post exactly what I’d like you to do on Friday. In the meantime, have fun with this week’s assignment. Go back and re-read last week’s blog to inspire you. Most of all, have fun. Happy writing!



8 thoughts on “I Dare You!

  1. I love this practice of writing everything you see, feel, hear, smell & experience throughout the day! Use all 5 senses! I have affirmations hanging in my office & watch my “Mind Movies” clips in the AM to visualize my dream life! Thanks for the inspiration, Barb!


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