Says Who? And Who Are “They” Anyway?

You are a writer. I am a writer. Everyone is a writer. If all you write is an entry in your journal, a note to your child’s teacher or the weekly grocery list, you’re a writer. I don’t care what “they” say. If you can pick up a pencil and make words, you can write, and you can write yourself an authentic life. You have The Right To Write, to borrow the title from a wonderful book by Julia Cameron, best-selling author of The Artist’s Way.

Words are magic. They can dance across the page. Whether they dance a beautiful waltz, a lively polka, or a stiff and unfriendly fox trot is completely up to you. You are the composer of the music and the lyrics. You are the author of the saga that is your past, and the editor of the biography that will be your future. You are one who is ready to sit down, right now, in this present moment, and begin the first draft. The beautiful thing about writing a life is that you can always cut here, add there, or simply throw out what’s not working and start again. It’s not only Scarlett O’Hara who gets to say, “Tomorrow is another day.”

So don’t let “they” tell you that writing is only for real writers. Besides, “they” are simply people who don’t believe in themselves enough to write their own authentic lives so they criticize others who do. If they come at you with the notion that real writers get paid, remind them that you get paid quite well in a very special kind of currency: happiness. That’s more than “they” can say for themselves! Peace and blessings!

Note: If you check out the home page, you will find the first of our weekly writing assignments. Have fun with them and, if you feel so inclined, leave a comment below about what you got out of it. Happy writing!


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